Subject Homework

Raise certain skills while doing homework. 

This was originally included with my Homework Overhaul mod (now known as Homework Tweaks), but I believe it deserves it’s own post. Additionally, I wanted to reduce the amount of packages I had to update.

Faster Homework and Prefer Desk can still be found here.

Subject Homework

For Children, this adds the following options to their homework. These were already in the game, the options were just not added to the homework:

  • Fill Out Activity Chart  (raises Motor Skill)
  • Practice Vocabulary (raises Creative Skill)
  • Review Social Studies (raises Social Skill)
  • Do Math Problems (raises Mental Skill)

For Teens, this adds the following options to their homework. These were not in the game, but I wanted them to have some options as children do. So, I created them:

  • Solve Algebraic Expressions (raises Logic)
  • Write Fitness Article (raises Fitness) 
  • Study Music Theory (raises Guitar) 
  • Practice Creative Writing (raises Writing) 
  • Research Astronomy (raises Rocket Science) 
  • Study Sociology (raises Charisma) 
  • Art Analysis Essay (raises Painting)

Additionally, Children and Teens will prefer to do their subject homework at a desk. 

♦ Mod Requirements ♦

Base game only needed.

♦ Mod Conflicts ♦

This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies these resources.

♦ Changelog ♦ 

  • 08/08/19
    • Custom Teen Subject Homework tunings updated for Island Living changes. Script mod now included to reduce possible mod conflicts.

♦ Download & Instructions ♦

  1. Click the Download button below.
  2. Extract the .zip file.
  3. Move the .package and .ts4script files to your Mods folder (located in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4).

    ♦ Keep them in the same folder, no more than ONE sub-folder deep inside your Mods folder.
    ♦ Do NOT rename either of them.
    ♦ Make sure you have Enable CC/Mods and Script Mods Allowed enabled in your Game Options.

Alternate DownloadGoogle Drive

♦ Translations ♦

If you want to use a translation, click on your language below to download the .package. Then, move the .package into your Mods folder WITH the main mod. Do NOT rename!

If you’re interested in translating this mod, download the strings below. Then follow the instructions in Translating Mods.

♦ Credits & Special Thanks ♦