Aging Fix

This mod prevents random days from being added to your Sims lifespan when creating a new sim. 

Although the aging every time you took a sim into CAS was fixed, newly created sims still get random days added to their lifespan.  So this mod is still needed to prevent this.

  • This WILL conflict with any other tuning mod that alters age lengths! You’ll need to remove those mods while using this fix. Feel free to edit the fix using my Let’s Make a Mod tutorial to set the ages to your desired lengths! 
  • If you have MCCC, then you don’t need this fix, it’s already implemented into MCCC.

♦ Mod Requirements ♦ 

Base game only needed.

♦ Mod Conflicts ♦

This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies these resources:

  • 000000000002863E.agingTransition_Human_Baby.SnippetTuning
  • 000000000002863F.agingTransition_Human_Child.SnippetTuning
  • 0000000000028640.agingTransition_Human_YoungAdult.SnippetTuning
  • 0000000000028641.agingTransition_Human_Adult.SnippetTuning
  • 0000000000028642.agingTransition_Human_Elder.SnippetTuning
  • 0000000000028643.agingTransition_Human_Toddler.SnippetTuning
  • 0000000000028644.agingTransition_Human_Teen.SnippetTuning

Since I’m retired from modding, this mod is no longer available to download. However, I’m keeping the post available just in case another modder wants to adopt it.

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