All Year Plants

No more Dormant or Out of Season plants (and trees)! All plants/trees are now always In Season

*Please see the Known Issues section below before installing this mod.

♦ Mod Requirements ♦

Seasons EP Required.*

*See Mod Versions section below for version requirements.

♦ Mod Conflicts ♦

This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies these resources.

♦ Known Issues ♦

Sometimes current plants/trees in your game won’t be affected by this mod. Solutions (choose one):

  • Replant your plants/trees.
  • Use the testingcheats on cheat, then…
    1. Shift-Click on the plant/tree.
    2. Click Set Gardening State
    3. Click Plant Seasonality (Debug)
    4. Select In Season

Although I didn’t experience any issues when using the cheat solution, it’s still advised to use caution before using the cheat method (make backups, etc).

♦ Mod Versions ♦

All included in the download. Remove the packages for the packs you don’t have. If you have all of the packs, use the Scarlet_AllYearPlants_All_In_ONE package and delete the rest. Seasons required for all.

  • Scarlet_AllYearPlants_BaseSeasons
    • Includes plants/trees from Base and Seasons
  • Scarlet_AllYearPlants_FestivalsCity Living Required
    • Includes plants/trees while visiting the Festivals from City Living.
  • Scarlet_AllYearPlants_GTWGet to Work Required
    • Includes plants/trees that came with Get to Work.
  • Scarlet_AllYearPlants_IslandIsland Living Required
    • Includes plants/trees that came with Island Living.
  • Scarlet_AllYearPlants_JungleJungle Adventures Required
    • Includes plants/trees that came with Jungle Adventures.
  • Scarlet_AllYearPlants_OutdoorRetreatOutdoor Retreat Required
    • Includes plants/trees that came with Outdoor Retreat.
  • Scarlet_AllYearPlants_RoMRealm of Magic Required
    • Includes plants/trees that came with Realm of Magic.
  • Scarlet_AllYearPlants_All_In_ONEAll Packs Above Required
    • Includes plants/trees that came with all of the packs listed above.

♦ Changelog ♦ 

  • 1/16/20
    • Updated for 1.60 patch.
  • 11/12/19
    • Updated for 1.58 patch.
  • 09/19/19
    • Added Realm of Magic version to include Mandrake and Valerian.

♦ Download & Instructions ♦

  1. Click the Download button below.
  2. Extract the .zip file.
  3. Read the included .txt file(s) for version descriptions.
  4. Move the .package file(s) for the version(s) you want to your Mods folder (located in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4).

    ♦ All versions are included in the download, so please make sure to READ the included .txt file(s). They contain important information.

*Please delete all previous versions of this mod before installing new ones*

Alternate DownloadGoogle Drive

16 Comments on “All Year Plants

  1. Small thing, not a complaint just to note, using the all in one which I couldn’t play without, sage is not included on my home lot, idk if other versions like festivals are included.


    • Sage wasn’t included in the packages because the season components (which is what I changed), were already disabled in them. So, there’s nothing for me to change for Sage.


      • Sorry, I went in game to try to figure it out, I meant Basil, not sage but I’m guessing its just a conflict somewhere?


        • It could be conflicting with another mod. Try testing it alone in your mods folder. If it still happens, try the solutions in the Known Issues section of the post, sometimes the plants just need to be reset.


  2. Thank you this mod is so needed!! I am sick of getting plants out of season when you first start and have your sim buy the seeds. Now it might be worth it to have your sim garden.


  3. Hi, thanks for such a necessary and good mod. But is it possible to make another version so that all plants bear fruit only from spring to autumn. And in the winter hibernated.


  4. I’m not too sure if the mod is broken again but my mod manager is telling me its this one


    • This mod is NOT broken. Make sure you have the latest update. Also, make sure you don’t have any of the addon packages for packs that you don’t own.

      Which mod manager are you using? Because there’s no mod managers that I’m aware of that tell you if a mod is broken.


  5. Thank you.
    one question : is it possible to only use the outdoor retreat and jungle adventure ones without the base game/seasons plants. I hope to always have plants in vacation destinations but keep the seasonal restrictions in residential worlds.


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