Publish Books on Computer

In addition to publishing your books using the mailbox, you can now publish them using the computer as well!

Due to issues with WordPress, this mod has been moved to my Patreon (Free).


  1. Hey! I’ve been having issues in my game; I will publish a book on my computer and it’s like it never happened. I don’t get any royalties whatsoever from any book I publish that way.

    Love your mods to death! Thank you.


      1. Hello! I updated it on nov 10th, i’m on version 1.68 for the most recent patch and i have tried without any other mods this morning. Thank you!


        1. And you’re still having issues with it? Deleted the localthumbcache?

          Which option did you use? Sell to Publisher, Self-Publish, or Submit Book Copy to Literary Digest?

          It’d be a lot easier for me to help you on my discord, if you could come there and post in the #help-support channel.


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