Wear More Costumes

Adds more costumes to choose from for the Wear Costumes tradition. 

♦ Mod Requirements ♦

Seasons required for the Wear Costume interaction. See Mod Versions below for additional requirements.

♦ Mod Versions ♦

All versions REQUIRE Seasons and include:

  • Holiday Helper (Seasons) – For Children (Toddlers was already included)
  • Robot (from the 10/03 patch)

Use this if you own Spooky Stuff, but NOT Get Famous. Includes the following costumes from Spooky Stuff:

  • For ALL Children:
    • Pirate of the High Seas (in white)
    • Pirate (in brown)
    • Pumpkin Head
    • Ser Green Pumpkin
    • Ser Orange Pumpkin
    • Ser White Pumpkin
    • Skeleton (random colors)
    • Skeleton of Rot (in green)
    • Skeleton of Fire (in orange)
    • Skeleton of Ivory (in white)

  • For Female Children:
    • Princess (random colors)
    • Princess Blueberry (in blue)
    • Princess Golden Apple (in gold)
    • Princess Papaya (in pink)

  • For ALL Teen+:
    • Zombie Survivor

  • For Female Sims Teen+:
    • Fairy (random colors)
    • Fairy of the Forest (in green)
    • Fairy of the Waters (in blue)
    • Fairy of the Meadows (in pink/purple)
    • Witch (random colors)
    • Witch of the Arachnids (in orange)
    • Witch of the Woods (in green)
    • Witch of the Night (in black)
    • Pirate (in red)
    • Llama Woman

  • For Male Sims Teen+:
    • Llama Man
    • Pirate Costume (in blue)
    • Spartan Costume (in gold)
    • Ninja Costume (in red)


Use this if you own Get Famous, but NOT Spooky Stuff. Includes the following costumes from Get Famous:

  • For ALL Teen+
    • Apocalypse Delinquent
    • Apocalypse Survivor
    • Camper
    • Fishman from the Lagoon
    • Hospital Doctor
    • Hospital Patient
    • Medieval Monarch
    • Pirate Crew
    • Police Detective
    • Scoundrel Bandit
    • Superhero
    • Supervillain
    • Victorian Companion
    • Victorian Lead
    • Vulpes the Voidcritter
    • Western Townperson

  • For Female Sims Teen+:
    • Victorian Sweetheart

  • For Male Sims Teen+:
    • Pirate Captain
    • Sheriff 


Use this if you own both Spooky Stuff and Get Famous. Includes all of the costumes listed above.


Use this if you don’t own Spooky Stuff or Get Famous.

Note – There are more colors for some costumes like Spartan and Pirate. However, I didn’t add them because the options when selecting the costume are all listed the same (ex – all of the Pirate variations, simply say “Pirate”).

♦ Mod Conflicts ♦

This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies the following resource:


♦ Changelog ♦ 

  • 11/01/19 – Separated the mod into versions based on the packs you own to avoid silly clothes being generated if you try to change into a costume for a pack that you don’t have. Thanks to Starry Might for bringing it to my attention.
  • 10/03/19 – Added new Robot Costume

Alternate DownloadGoogle Drive

13 Comments on “Wear More Costumes

  1. Hi Scarlet, I don’t own Spooky Stuff so I downloaded the Get Famous only, but none of the get famous costumes show, only the spooky stuff ones. :O


  2. Has anyone else had any problems with this Mod causing costumes from “Spooky Stuff” to be visible options in “Wear Costume…” regardless of whether it’s installed or not? I very recently encountered this issue when I tried it out in my custom Spooky Day holiday. I tried dressing Lilith Vatore as a Witch and Caleb as a Ninja, but they wound up in ridiculous randomly-generated outfits with Day of the Dead makeup on their faces. X-D I removed the mod, but the options remain. I’m not sure if it’s save corruption, if I need to delete it more properly, or if there’s a bug with the current version of the mod. :-/

    Liked by 1 person

    • This mod is up to date. If it’s happening without this mod, then it’s not the mod. It could be a bug with the game because they’re vampires, unless you have any other mod that may affect costumes?

      If you have an issue in the future, you’ll get a quicker reply in my discord:

      ETA – I just tested with Caleb and Lilith, gave them the Witch and Ninja costumes with the Wear Costumes tradition and they wore them just fine.

      So, it’s not likely an EA issue either. I’d look into any other mods (or even CC) that could alter costumes.


      • Hmm. You own “Spooky Stuff” though, right? (I don’t.)

        Also, I’ve since learned it’s not that unusual for the game to fall back on randomly-generated outfits or underwear if you try to wear an outfit from something you don’t own (e.g. the Digital Deluxe version of “The Sims 4”).

        Anyway, thanks for the reply. If I do have any further issue, I’ll join your Discord as you suggest. 🙂


        • Yes I do, I didn’t realize you didn’t own Spooky Stuff, that would be why then.

          Yes, I know the game gives you randomly generated outfits if you don’t own a certain pack, I just didn’t realize you didn’t have Spooky Stuff. I thought you meant whether the mod was installed or not. Now I realize that you meant Spooky Stuff.

          I’ll break the mod up by pack when I get time. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


      • I have “Spooky Stuff” now thanks to the recent Halloween Sale, but thanks so much for making different versions so that others hopefully don’t experience what I did. ^_^


        • Oh good! Thanks again for bringing it to my attention, as long as people download the correct version according to what they have, they won’t experience it.


  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know that the main download link is private. Fortunately the alternate link works fine ^^


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