No Meal Spawning Roommates

Prevents roommates from conjuring meals out of thin air. They may still cook normally from the fridge for you, but no more meals magically appearing from the unknown.

Due to issues with WordPress, this mod has been moved to my Patreon (Free).


  1. Hey, I tried your roommate meal spawning mod the other day. It worked but, it cause the build mode to not be able to open. Your mod was the only one I added that day, so I took it out and build mode was back to normal. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for sharing all your work with making the mods.


    1. I have it installed and can open build mode just fine. This is just a tuning mod, so it wouldn’t cause problems with opening build mode. The only time I can’t is if my sims are living in University Housing, which is by game design.

      Try the mod alone without any other mods installed. You may have a mod that is conflicting with it. Just to be sure, you have Discover University installed, correct?

      If you need further help, then feel free to come to my discord where I (or one of my helpers) can better help you:


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