No Eco Footprint Decay

Tired of losing all the hard work you put into changing your neighborhood eco footprint? This mod comes in two versions, use only ONE:

  • NoEcoFootprintDecay – Prevents the Eco Footprint from increasing/decreasing to Neutral. This will lock your Footprint meter. Meaning once you have this mod installed….objects, actions, etc will not move it. If you use this version, you need use cheats to set your desired Eco Footprint.
  • SemiNoEcoFootprintDecay – Decays as normal so you can influence it through normal gameplay. However, this version locks the footprint meter once you get it at least halfway to Industrial or Green. Use this if you don’t want to use cheats to influence your Eco Footprint meter, but also don’t want to lose all the hard work you put into changing the footprint.

Note – You’ll still have the arrow showing that it’s decaying. However, the bar itself doesn’t move.

When I originally published this mod (the NoEcoFootprintDecay version), my testers and I believed that we could still influence the meter through normal gameplay. However, with the current system that EA set, it’s just not possible to do this and have no decay. Through script mods, probably, but I’m still a scripting noob.

Which is why I created the SemiNoEcoFootprintDecay version, I added a decay override of 0 to kick in once it reaches the halfway point for both Green and Industrial. Not what I 100% wanted, but I believe it’s a happy medium.

♦ Mod Requirements ♦

Eco Lifestyle required.

♦ Mod Conflicts ♦

This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies these resources:

  • 545AC67A!009BC58E!0000000000038F11.commodity_EcoFootprint_Lot.SimData
  • 545AC67A!009BC58E!0000000000038CDC.commodity_EcoFootprint_Street.SimData
  • 339BC5BD!0000001E!0000000000038F11.commodity_EcoFootprint_Lot.StatisticTuning
  • 339BC5BD!0000001E!0000000000038CDC.commodity_EcoFootprint_Street.StatisticTuning

♦ Changelog ♦ 

  • 06/29/20 – Added SemiNoEcoFootprintDecay version.

♦ Download & Instructions ♦

  1. Click the Download button below.
  2. Extract the .zip file.
  3. Read the included .txt file(s) for version descriptions.
  4. Move the .package file(s) for the version(s) you want to your Mods folder (located in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4).

    ♦ All versions are included in the download, so please make sure to READ the included .txt file(s). They contain important information.

Alternate DownloadGoogle Drive

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