Patch 1.68.154 (November 10th Patch) Mod Status

**Mod Checking/Updating for my mods is now complete**

♦ Updated ♦

The following mods received an update for the patch, please delete previous versions and re-download:

♦ Needs Updated ♦
  • Socially Anxious Trait – Not broken. However, there are reports that the Anxious/Panic Attack buffs get removed instantly. Other than that it IS ok to use, I’ll get it updated within the next few days for the buffs though.
  • 11/11/20 Update – Socially Anxious Trait is compatible for this patch as well. I can’t replicate the issue with the buffs that was reported. Additionally, nothing changed with the buff template that I used. Therefore, it is indeed compatible, no updates are needed.

The rest of my mods not listed above are compatible.

Remember you can always check the Mod Status page when new patches arrive!

Please let me know if you have any issues. You can contact me on my discord.

♦ New Translations ♦

The following translations were included in these updates:

  • Allowance Mod
    • Spanish Translations (by goldilocks)
  • Immortality Potion Tweaks
    • Spanish Translations (by Amanlen)
  • Subject Homework
    • Spanish Translations (by Amanlen)

These translations are still needed if anyone can contribute, I’d greatly appreciate it (as well as our friends that play in these languages). Please submit any missing translations that you can to the #translations channel in my Discord.

*Note – SimCity Loans will be getting a new version update very soon. Therefore, it’d be best to wait to translate that one until that’s released.


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