Fame Decay Tweaks

Tired of your Sim’s Fame decaying too quickly? Maybe it’s not decaying quickly enough for you. Either way, now your Sims fame will decay slower, faster, or not at all depending on the version that you choose.

Due to issues with WordPress, this mod has been moved to my Patreon (Free).


    1. No, unfortunately it’s not, I wouldn’t mind doing it if it was. The tuning I edited only affects the decay rate, so I can only decrease, increase, or stop the decay with that tuning.

      It’s do-able, I just don’t have the time to look into it. However, if I come across a mod that fixes it, I’ll link to it in the post.

      You’re welcome, glad you enjoy my mods 🙂


  1. Can we get one that shuts fame completely off? After the patch, the option to opt out of fame no longer works. It just re-enables itself when u apply.. I know I have seen some others mention it as well. Im not sure if it is happening for everyone.


    1. Sorry, I don’t have any plans on making a mod that shuts off fame completely. I do know about the issue with the option not being applied, hopefully they’ll fix it soon.


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