Important Info and New Translations

Warning – There’s a new garbage site out there called SimsBook hosting other creators mods and custom content without their permission. They’ve even gone as far as uploading early access mods from a few Patreons. Do NOT download your mods/cc from sites like this. While it may be convenient to get everything in one place, there’s many reasons not to:

  • Downloading and supporting these types of sites is disrespectful to the original creators that put so much time and effort into these mods for you.
  • These types of sites can cause original creators to stop creating and supporting their mods at all because of the frustration. At least one modder is already at that point. Do not lose your favorite modders over these sites.
  • You’re not guaranteed to get the latest version of the mod you’re downloading from them. There’s no way they’re going to keep all of the mods that they steal and re-upload up-to-date.
  • Their downloads may contain malware/viruses.
  • They’re making revenue from other people’s hard work.
  • And many more reasons!

Note – Don’t confuse the above with Mod/CC finds sites. Mod/CC finds type sites are completely ok to use (ex – Maxis Match CC and others like it are safe). As long as the sites don’t re-upload the original creators work, they’re safe.

Additionally, you may come across a mod from a creator that’s already been done before. This is ok too. This happens quite often, especially with tuning mods. We often have the same ideas and just because one modder did it first, doesn’t mean it should be off the table for another. The only time it’s not ok is if they don’t make it themselves (only renames the mod to call their own) or directly steal code written by another modder.

♦ New Translations ♦

Dutch Translations (by TessMoana) now included for:


  1. Thanks for the info/warning. Some people… (FACEPALM)

    That said, looking at luthein’s post in the broken mods topic you linked to…

    “At least one modder has announced that they will not support their mod if it’s downloaded from there.”

    To me, that sounds more like “if you need help with my mod(s) but downloaded it/them from SimsBook, you’re on your own” rather than retiring from modding because of that site.

    If I’m wrong, though, DEFINITELY correct and forgive me for it.


    1. Hmm, yeah it’s possible it was meant that way. I’m not 100% sure though, I never saw what was originally said. I don’t think any modder would offer support though if their mod was downloaded from there. So, not really sure why that’d need to be said, which is why I interpreted as “no longer supporting” the mod.

      Either way, I do know some modders are on the verge of being done because of thieves like this, myself included. So, it still fits even if that modder didn’t mean it like that.


      1. Sorry to hear that. 😦 I REALLY hope it doesn’t come to that…

        Thanks again for the warning, we need to spread the word!


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