Mod Update & Translations

Mod update and new translations added.

♦ Updated ♦

No Cold Clothing Inside

  • Fixed a rare bug that caused sims to spin up into the air when loading community lots. (Thanks to AN_Gel for the report)

If you find other issues with this or any of my mods, please report it in the #help-support channel on my discord. Please be as specific as possible and make sure to include the game version you’re running and the date of the mod in question.

♦ New Translations ♦

  • Allowance Mod
    • French Translations (by Candyman)
    • Japanese Translations (by Licer)
  • Bath Soak Details
  • Immortality Potion Tweaks
  • Island Event Notifications
  • Plain Tea
    • Chinese Translations (by Licer)
      • Includes Traditional and Simplified
    • Japanese Translations (by Licer)
  • SimCity Loans
  • Socially Anxious Trait
  • Vet Podium Notifications

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