Mod Update: Walk Normal

Walk Normal
NoEmotionalWalks now disables the panic run for the Scared mood (base game). Added NoHauntedHousePanicRuns which disables the panic run reactions from haunted houses and requires Paranormal Stuff.

Additionally, the versions are now cleaned up and more organized. The Walkstyles_Disabled version is now separated into NoEmotionalWalks, NoDefaultWalks, NoSerumBuffWalks, NoHivemindBuffWalks, and NoTeenMoodWalks.

**Please remove ALL previous versions before installing any of these new ones.**

If you find any issues with this mod (or any of my other mods), please report it in the #help-support channel on my discord so I can address them. Please be as specific as possible and make sure to include the game version you’re running and the date of the mod in question.

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