Category: Mods

Triple Speed Maid Fix (Obsolete)

Fixes the game randomly speeding up caused by the maid situation.

Shower Woohoo Tweaks

Shower woohoo with their clothes on…really? Not anymore! Now Sims will spin out of their clothes before getting into the shower to get busy. They’ll change back into their Everyday outfits when they’re done (just like a normal shower). More changes include:

Servo Tweaks

A couple mods for your Servos! These ones affect the enhancement process: Download Enhancement Data Faster No Parts Required to Enhance More Servo Tweaks may come later, so keep an eye on my Twitter/Discord for updates.

Waterproof Servos

Your servos will no longer lose durability when they get wet. They can now take showers, for hours! 😀

No Bad Microwave Buffs

Your Sims can enjoy a microwave meal without getting that annoying “Cold in the Middle” buff. Yes, your Sims can upgrade their microwaves to prevent this as well, but not all Sims are handy (or want to be handy).

No Meal Spawning Roommates

Prevents roommates from conjuring meals out of thin air. They may still cook normally from the fridge for you, but no more meals magically appearing from the unknown.

No Bike Helmets

For your sims that prefer to live dangerously, now they will no longer wear helmets when riding their bike. This will apply to all Sims in your game, including bike riding NPCs. After all, not much point in safety considering they don’t get injured…

Faster Homework (University Edition)

University students will complete their homework in about 10, 25, or 50 minutes depending on which one you choose. Default is about 150 minutes. This mod also now fixes the progress bar not filling properly (EA issue).

Socially Anxious Trait

Socially Anxious TraitSims with Social Anxiety will often become uncomfortable in social situations, they do not receive negative Moodlets when their Social Need is low. They may experience panic attacks and stomach trouble resulting in frequent bathroom trips, especially while out in public. Therefore,…

Plain Tea

Sims can enjoy a simple cup of tea without the extra buffs. The Plain Tea costs §5 to craft.