Patch 1.58 Status

Please remove old versions, then re-download those that have been updated! Please let me know if you experience any issues.

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Mod Updates

Bug Fixes
  • No Cold Clothing Inside
    • Fixed a rare bug that caused sims to spin into the air to change into their Everyday outfit if they were wearing their Cold outfit while sitting inside.

      Thanks to BushyGamer for the save to test on!
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Socially Anxious Trait

Socially Anxious Trait
Sims with Social Anxiety will often become uncomfortable in social situations, they do not receive negative Moodlets when their Social Need is low. They may experience panic attacks and stomach trouble resulting in frequent bathroom trips, especially while out in public. Therefore, they prefer to stay home.

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New Translations

The following mods have been updated to include new translations:

Plain Tea

Sims can enjoy a simple cup of tea without the extra buffs. The Plain Tea costs §5 to craft.

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SimCity Loans 2.0

What’s New in 2.0?

Teens can now take out a loan (previously only available for Young Adult+).

Late Fees

Once you receive the Loan Payment Overdue buff, a 5% late fee (5% of your payment) will be deducted shortly after. After that,  they will be deducted about every 24 hours until your sim makes a payment. If your sim is at work, the late fees will be deducted shortly after they get home. If you don’t have enough Simoleons for the late fee, it will deduct when you do. 

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Mod Update

Wear More Costumes

  • Added the new Robot costume that came with the October 3rd patch.

Mod Status for October 3rd Patch

All of my mods are compatible with this patch. You can continue using them.

Although still compatible, there will be an update to Wear More Costumes later today to include the new RoboSim Costume.

Happy Simming!

New Translations

Polish Translations by IlkaVelle added to the following mods:

Mod Update

Buy Magic Items from Computer

Updated to include the following changes:

  • All items now available everyday
  • Added the following:
    • Crystal Zoomer (Broom)
    • Tome for High Ranked Spellcasters
    • Tome for Low Ranked Spellcasters
    • Wand of the Forgotten
    • Wand of the Elementals
  • Also added the color variations for:
    • Marble Wand
    • Wand of Astral Creation
    • Wand of The Sylvan Forest