Mod Update

Buy Magic Items from Computer

Updated to include the following changes:

  • All items now available everyday
  • Added the following:
    • Crystal Zoomer (Broom)
    • Tome for High Ranked Spellcasters
    • Tome for Low Ranked Spellcasters
    • Wand of the Forgotten
    • Wand of the Elementals
  • Also added the color variations for:
    • Marble Wand
    • Wand of Astral Creation
    • Wand of The Sylvan Forest

Buy Magic Items from Computer

You no longer have to go to the Magic Realm for that one ingredient you forgot on your last trip! Now you can purchase everything you can from the Market Stalls in The Magic Realm right from your computer!

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Mod Update

All Year Plants:

  • Added Realm of Magic version to include Mandrake and Valerian.

Mod Status and Update

All my mods should be fine for patch 1.55.108 (September 17th patch) yesterday since it was just a small hotfix patch. Nothing that would effect the majority of mods.

Unrelated to the patch….

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Mod Update

SimCity Loans updated to include the following changes:

  • Request Loan Forgiveness now costs §1,000 Simoleons
  • Request Loan Forgiveness menu is now back in the SimCity Loans menu.
  • Added Spanish Translations (thanks to Panko81 and Don)

No Required Ingredients

Any recipes that have required ingredients are now optional. However, you can still use them if you have them.

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Overload Death Disabled

Disables the possibility of death from Spellcaster Overload. Your Spellcasters will still experience the negative effects (Uncomfortable buffs, etc) because I still wanted them to have a consequence, they won’t die though.

However, if you want these negative effects removed as well, let me know and I’ll add a version for that.

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Faster Brewing

Spellcasters will brew their potions twice as fast.

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Kiss Neck for Adults

Kiss Neck interaction is not only for Teens anymore! Young Adults and up can use this Romantic interaction as well.

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Updates for Patch 1.55.105

These mods have been updated for the patch, please remove the previous versions:

However, the following mods I’ve kept up-to-date in MTS comments still need to be updated:

I’ll likely get them done tomorrow and add them here instead of continuously updating in comments.