Mod Status

Compatibility status for patch 1.58.63 (November 12th Patch)

ModStatusLast Updated
Update Reason
Aging Fix11/12/19Patch
All Year Plants11/12/19 Patch
Always Buy Unlock
“Ask to Move In” Requirements11/12/19 Patch
Bad Grades are OK 11/12/19 Patch
Buy Magic Items from Computer10/22/19 New Translation
Children/Toddlers Can Die of Anything11/12/19 Patch
Employees Stay 24 Hours
Faster Brewing11/12/19 Patch
Faster Homework (Uni Edition)
Faster Retail Actions11/12/19 Patch
Free Hire NPC (On Community Lots)11/12/19 Patch
Homework Tweaks08/08/19
Island Event Notifications Enabled11/12/19 Patch
Kiss Neck for Adults11/12/19 Patch
Less Patchy Time
No/All Required Recipe Ingredients11/12/19 Patch
No Bad Microwave Buffs
No Bike Helmets
No Blur in Distance
No Cold Clothing Inside11/09/19Bug Fix
No Meal Spawning Roommates
No Weather Outfits Required11/12/19 Patch
Overload Death Disabled
Plain Tea11/12/19 Patch
Publish Books on Computer11/12/19 Patch
SimCity Loans11/12/19 Patch
Subject Homework10/22/19 New Translation
Vet Podium Notifications11/05/19New Translation
Walk Normal11/12/19 Patch
Waterproof Servos
Wear More Costumes11/01/19Separated mod into versions based on the packs you own.
TraitsStatus Last Updated
Update Reason
Socially Anxious11/12/19 Patch

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