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Allowance Mod

Children and Teens can now collect an allowance! Their allowance earnings will go directly into their own personal account.

No Bad Microwave Buffs

Your Sims can enjoy a microwave meal without getting that annoying “Cold in the Middle” buff. Yes, your Sims can upgrade their microwaves to prevent this as well, but not all Sims are handy (or want to be handy).

No Meal Spawning Roommates

Prevents roommates from conjuring meals out of thin air. They may still cook normally from the fridge for you, but no more meals magically appearing from the unknown.

Socially Anxious Trait

Socially Anxious TraitSims with Social Anxiety will often become uncomfortable in social situations, they do not receive negative Moodlets when their Social Need is low. They may experience panic attacks and stomach trouble resulting in frequent bathroom trips, especially while out in public. Therefore,… Continue Reading “Socially Anxious Trait”

SimCity Loans 2.0

What’s New in 2.0? Teens can now take out a loan (previously only available for Young Adult+). Late FeesOnce you receive the Loan Payment Overdue buff, a 5% late fee (5% of your payment) will be deducted shortly after. After that,  they will be… Continue Reading “SimCity Loans 2.0”

Subject Homework

Raise certain skills while doing homework.  This was originally included with my Homework Overhaul mod (now known as Homework Tweaks), but I believe it deserves it’s own post. Additionally, I wanted to reduce the amount of packages I had to update.