Translating My Mods

Before you begin, please check the Translations page to make sure there’s not already a translation.

Then, download the ModName_STRINGS for the mod that you want to translate:

If you already know how to translate mods, but just need to know how/where to upload the ModName_STRINGS that you translated for me, then skip to the Uploading Your Translation.

Tools you’ll need (for this tutorial):

Sims 4 Studio

♦ Translating the Mod ♦

  1. Open Sims 4 Studio, then click on My Projects:

  2. Navigate to and select the ModName_STRINGS.package that you want to translate. Click Open.

  3. Select the language you want to translate to, then click the Edit Items… button:

  4. Click on the first entry on the left side. Then in the right side, translate what’s in the Value box only (do NOT change anything in the Key box):

    WARNING – Do NOT translate the following:

  5. Repeat for the rest of the entries.

  6. Once you’ve completed translating all of the Value’s for each entry, click Save:

  7. Save your .package:

8. Now that you translated all of the entries, you’re ready to upload!*

*For my mods, replace YOURNAME and LANGUAGE in the package name:

YOURNAME – the name that you want to be credited with.
LANGUAGE – the language(s) that you translated.

For example, the default name for Subject Homework is:

So if I translated this to English, it would be renamed to:

Do NOT rename anything else please.

Uploading Your Translation ♦

For My Mods:

  1. Join my Discord
  2. Click on the #translations channel
  3. Drag (move) the .package into the discord window (do NOT upload .StringTables please):

  4. If you have a website you’d like me to include in the credits, let me know. Then click on Upload:

That’s it, all done! Thank you in advance 🙂

For Other Creators – Check with them for how they want you to upload their translations.