Translating Mods

Interested in translating mods, but not sure how to do it?

If you want to translate one of my mods, please use the ModName_STRINGS Download that I provide on the Mod’s Info/Download page.

If you already know how to translate mods, but just need to know how to upload for me, then skip to the Uploading Your Translation. Please check the Translations before you begin to make sure there’s not already a translation.

Translating the Mod
Uploading Your Translation

Tools you’ll need (for this tutorial):

Sims 4 Studio

♦ Translating the Mod ♦

  1. Open Sims 4 Studio, then click on My Projects:

  2. Navigate to and select the .package for the mod that you want to translate. Click Open.

  3. Select the language you want to translate to, then click the Edit Items… button:

  4. Click on the first entry on the left side. Then in the right side, translate what’s in the Value box only (do NOT change anything in the Key box):

    WARNING – Do NOT translate the following:

  5. Repeat for the rest of the entries.

  6. Once you’ve completed translating all of the Value’s for each entry, click Save:

  7. Save your .package:

Now that you translated all of the entries, you’re ready to upload!*

*For my mods, replace YOURNAME and LANGUAGE in the package name:

YOURNAME – the name that you want to be credited with.
LANGUAGE – the language(s) that you translated.

For example, the default name for Subject Homework is:

So if I translated this to English, it would be renamed to:

Do NOT rename anything else please.

Uploading Your Translation ♦

For My Mods:

  1. Join my Discord
  2. Click on the #translations channel
  3. Drag (move) the .package into the discord window (do NOT upload .StringTables please):

  4. If you have a website you’d like me to include in the credits, let me know. Then click on Upload:


That’s it, all done! Thank you in advance 🙂

For Other Creators – Check with them for how they want you to upload their translations.